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Hear directly from Lorna on why Catalysing Conversations are so important

A neutral, safe and private space for an honest review of where you are and where you want to be. An exploration of your elements, rituals and vision to contribute to your higher intensions and higher vibrational frequencies.  Tuning in to define, refine and enhance the spirit of your essence and expression, building your narrative and purpose into clear and confident authentic articulation in all areas of your life.  And exploration of Visioning and Manifestation to call in and live a life Divine.  Unblocking negative self-limiting self-talk and fears to articulate your goals to open up your creative freedom.  Intuitive refinement to embody your soul-purpose.   Heal, seal and expand your energies into your energetic signature.  Developing creative resonance to open up your clarity, confidence and direction through your natural biorhythms.


  • You feel misaligned with your soul purpose.
  • You want to explore and define your authentic expression.
  • You want to define and refine energetic signature.
  • You want to gain greater perspective on your Life of Business and Business of Life and redesign to suit your purpose, needs and goals.
  • You want a deeper relationship with Self to find and articulate your inner personal authority.
  • You want to weave the colours of your greatness, your goals and your soul purpose into a vibrant tapestry of life.


Carried out over


1:1 Coaching
From Concept to Creation

Build your hobbie or idea into a business offering. Build a better life. Define your niche. Create your brand. Build your self confidence, Identify market openings. Build your narrative and energetic signature. I’m here to give you my years of setting up various businesses from scratch, building the brand and realising the only thing stopping my potential is self doubt.


  • I am with you all the way, being your Wayshower to guide you on your path to prosperity through your personal archeology.
  • I work with brave souls who are prepared to do the work, apply focussed discipline to reap the rewards of uncovering your personal greatness and uniqueness.
  • I help you to step out of your comfort zone, your subconscious bias, old thinking and patterns and architect a life divine.
  • I provide practical tools and strategies to manifest your goals with a strong yet flexible framework.
  • We will co-create personal affirmations to counter triggers and old thinking patterns.
  • Developing a brand strategy, defining and attracting your ideal clients and refining and expanding your business offering.
  • Building a cohesive business model, grounding your offer and service into authentic practices.
  • Accountability to your mission, dreams and goals.


  • You are ready to take your experience of life to the next vibrational level.
  • You are ready to explore and transcend your blocks, triggers and self-limiting beliefs to establish your greatness.
  • You are willing to face the fears stopping you from having clarity and confidence.
  • You are ready to create positive change through personal authority and leadership.
  • You are ready to set personal boundaries, getting to the route of your triggers and reset your intensions and goals.
  • You’re ready to niche into your Brand Essence – your WHY.
  • You’re ready to express your business personality, style and way – your HOW.
  • You want to build your confidence and clarity to articulate your vision and goals – your WHAT.
  • You’re ready to build a sustainable business framework with daily task-driven actions to deliver tangible results.
  • You are ready to stand out from the crowd by building your USP (unique selling perspective).

Pricing on assessment

Minimum 6 hour coaching block.  Carried out over

Get in touch and we will contact you to discuss your 1 to 1 Coaching requirements.

Theta Coach


Members will gain access to a range of guided meditations on a range of improvement tools through accessing Theta brain waves to shift subconscious thoughts and access your intuitive internal voice for guidance and knowledge.

Learning to calm your mind gives you piercing focus, visualization, breath control, progressive relaxation and directed energy for healing. Join like-minded members on this progressive and dynamic journey.

Joining the membership offers you tools to support your self-realization within the collective.

The range of guided meditations, with background binaural beats, are staged for beginners, starting with 10 minute category specific guided meditations building up to 20 minute daily guided meditations focussing on what you want to manifest:  Affirmations, Chakra Healing, Better Sleep, Yoga Nidra, Shadow Work and Repair, Imposter Syndrome.

Member Benefits

  • Gratitude prompts
  • Neurological Breathwork
  • Guided Visualisations
  • Rituals, Ceremonies and Manifestation guides
  • Live monthly calls, you ask and I answer

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